Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Here are my favorite books... I am glad I took this class!

 my pretty floral sweet binding
 I had fun carving the cover on this coptic binding
 green aerial maps in flat back binding
 covered with khaki skirt scraps
 brown and yellow maps (with a few green accents) in coptic binding...
covered in soft microsuede


The Sommerfeldt Family said...

I love the relief carving you did on that coptic, did you cover the board with tissue paper? looks so good!

Rosena said...

I also love the carving on the coptic. It is beautiful! I want to try it now.

AmyCurtis said...

Oh, now that I read the other comments I see we all liked the same one =) I LOVE the carving! That must have taken forever! Makes me want to try it out.

The Goob said...

I also will give a shout out to the carved coptic. You obviously have much more patience than I do.