Saturday, May 19, 2007

Unique Ideas & Lecture Series

Bonny sent me a link to these (over on the right in the Fun Links category). They are called scary nightmare journals. So interesting, and creative.

Another fun idea, the artist says: "I started by removing the old marked-up pages, and replaced them with crisp new acid-free heavyweight #60 unlined drawing paper, handmade art papers, and tracing papers. I've included several of the more salvagable pages from the original text. These would make a great foundation for your own collage work, or you could use a bit of white gouache to create a space for your writings. Perhaps, you could let the bits of story inspire your own writings.

I then replaced the old plain endpapers with ones of a lovely art nouveau floral pattern, that matches the color on the cover. The cover itself remains unchanged."

The link is "vintage cover" click there to see more of their work.

This is the flyer for this year's set of book arts lecture series. Come and bring a friend. Or two.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Baby Book

This book is for my Sister-in-Law's new baby girl. I bought some nice vintage-looking flowers when I went home last month and bought the frabric and ladybug buttons specifically for this book. It took me nearly an hour to finally pick out some fabric! But it turned out nice and I hope she uses it! When you have children...keep a baby journal of mom did and they have made all the difference in our relationship.

Bonny's work winter semester 2007

Coptic Bindings

Sweet Binding (exposed spine)

Accordian Fold

Clamshell Boxes

Bonny was in my class winter semester and made all kinds of fun bindings. Here's a few she sent me from her final projects. She liked to go above and beyond. Instead of just one final she turned in at least five.