Friday, December 19, 2008

Heather's Guide to Turning Mistakes into Style Elements

Hey guys, we all make mistakes, but you can fix them and take your book to the next level in the process. Here are two books that i messed up on... but you'd never know if i hadn't told you, huh?

This clamshell box had a couple of glue stains on the front, so i added the 3 citrus decals to the front as well as the ribbon that matches the sweet-bound book inside the clamshell. the ribbon and the decals make the entire style of the box more cohesive. You can make decals from cut-outs of existing prints or design your own by cutting shapes from solid colored paper.

Here's my coptic binding. See those ties on the front edge of the book? Yeah, i totally punched my cover holes all the way through both covers before i realized that i had them stacked the wrong way. Way to go, Einstein! Now you have to start ALL OVER! Not so fast. I duplicated the holes on both sides of the covers and i tied extra waxed thread into bows. These keep extra notes from slipping out on the go, or slide a pencil in between there and you've got yourself a great little Journal gift!

Don't think you have to give up and start over when you make a mistake or two. Just use your happy little brain and create an aesthetically pleasing solution!
Hope this helps,

Love, Heather!

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