Monday, July 23, 2007

Book Presses

Traditional Book Press

Cassandra's Homemade version

A great and easy (not to mention economical) way to have a press at home is to have some boards cut down at a local lumberyard, and use C-clamps to "press" your books. In the pictures on this post Cassandra used c-clamps, but I've also seen many people make presses using long bolts and drilling holes in the corners of the board.


pandagoldfish said...

I made a homemade press, but I only got two c-clamps. It's working out well so far, but I guess getting two more would be a good idea.

Suzanne said...

I made something like this when I took bookbinding the first time! The only problem I ever had was when I tried to make a clamshell box that was thicker than my c-clamps. I was able to get it in in the end but it was a tight squeeze. Anyone planing on making one of these go for the big c-clamps

Suzanne said...
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