Wednesday, December 17, 2008

book press

There is one way to press a book, and more than one way to use one.

If you've ever taken a Shakespeare class at BYU you recognize this book. It's a good one in many ways, both for containing the complete works of William Shakespeare, and being large enough to press just about any book...although you probably viewed this as a downside if you had the class, I know I did at the time. At any rate, a book/stack of books and a board, like a drawing board, are very helpful in pressing ones books

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Epsilon Given said...

I found your blog trying to find information on how I could bind my dissertation. While not the info I was looking for, I find it interesting nonetheless.

I find your choice for bookpressing amusing. while I haven't done much book work, when I need to press something, often the first book I'll reach for is my calculus book; if I need something heavier, I'll reach for other math and computer books I have around as well. (I'm a mathematician, so I have a lot of math books. :.)

My wife has a lot of good-sized genealogy books around, good that are also good for pressing things.